Ep 127: Kimberly Chambers on Realizing Unimaginable Dreams

As a record breaking and award winning open-water marathon swimmer, including the Ocean's Seven, which consists of seven long-distance open-water swims, Kim Chambers shares what it’s like to conquer goals she never thought she could attain. After sustaining injuries from falling down stairs and learning that she may never walk again, Kim saw some of her darkest, most terrifying moments. As part of her healing, both mentally and physically, she found the ocean water to be a powerful source of possibility, where no one judged her scars, scoffed at her limp or saw her as a failure. Instead, she found the community of swimmers to be a reinvigoration of her mind, body, and soul and push through adversity, not only to walk again, but to swim marathon races all across the world. Her story is one of incredible inspiration, where she was able to see the gifts in failure and harness the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in order to push past your limits to grow and thrive.

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Sara Singer Schiff