Ep 113: Tommy Tomlinson on the Search for his Best Self

Tommy Tomlinson, journalist and author of “The Elephant in the Room” speaks about his struggle with weight and his chronicle of profound self-discovery and weight loss. After his sister died from complications of obesity, Tommy knew that at 460 lbs he needed to turn his health around. After many years of failed diets and exercise regimes, he knew he needed a different approach, one that addressed the underlying factors to his relationship with food. In an honest and painful effort to understand how he got to be so heavy, Tommy went on a search for truth. He looked at his childhood and the blue collar culture in which he was raised. He sent a questionnaire to his closest friends and interviewed his mom and wife, asking for their honesty in order to help confront the most painful and shameful parts of himself. He shares his experience of surviving throat cancer and how that propelled him further on his journey towards wellbeing.

Tommy’s book is the inspiring story of looking deeply into one’s darkest parts and the courageous search for a better self.

You can learn more about Tommy @: http://tommytomlinson.com

Sara Singer Schiff