Ep 116: Marianne Power on Her Self-Help Journey

London based journalist Marianne Power talks about her recent book “Help Me! One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self Help Can Really Change Your Life!” Her journey of reading one self help book a month for one year and living by the rules of these books to see where it took her is a fascinating glimpse into the world of self-help and the failure that is so easy to experience on this intense quest for wellbeing. Exhilarated by the confidence she gained by persevering through her challenges, she was also surprised by the exhaustion she experienced from such constant self-examination. Her honest portrayal of going out of her comfort zone and diving deep into the under belly of herself was profound. After multiple ups and downs, she realized her expectations of a perfect life at the end of the year was impossible to attain. What came out of this incredible experience of soul searching was the understanding that she was perfect in all of her imperfections and the messiness of being human.

Connect with Marianne @: www.twitter.com/thehelpmeblog

Sara Singer Schiff