Ep 99: Rowan Hooper on How Superhumans Deal with Failure

Rowan Hooper, evolutionary biologist and author of the new book “Superhuman-Life at the Extremes of our Capacity” shares the awe-inspiring stories of people who have reached extraordinary places in their lives in terms of human achievement. Each chapter is filled with fascinating details about what it takes to overcome adversity and push beyond ones limits to reach peak potential. Whether it be endurance, strength, bravery, intelligence, or memory, a common trait throughout is an appreciation and overcoming of failure.

Find Rowan on Twitter @: https://twitter.com/rowhoop

Find out more about Rowan's book "Superhuman" @: http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Superhuman/Rowan-Hooper/9781501168710

Sara Singer Schiff