Ep 93: Dima Ghawi on Escaping Oppression and Inspiring Others

Dima Ghawi is a leadership speaker, executive coach and author of “Breaking Vases”, a story of the pressure for submission and perfection by her Middle Eastern culture and her terrifying escape to save herself. Dima speaks honestly about her journey of leaving her family in Jordan by arranged marriage and relocating to America, a move of hope for freedom. Controlled by her new husband’s family in America with more pressure for a quiet subservient way of being, Dima found herself profoundly depressed. In a brave move to save herself, she left her marriage and faced the terrifying consequences of her escape. Through this struggle, she was able to face her fears, find freedom through education and connection, and now guides others on their own journey of self discovery. Her story is one of incredible courage, and how her depression and feelings of failure saved her life and led her to a place of new awareness, transformation, and inspiration to many.

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Sara Singer Schiff