Ep 92: Rachel Simmons on Failing Well

Rachel Simmons, Leadership Development Specialist at Smith College and author of numerous books including most recent “Enough As She Is”, speaks about her Failure Initiative “Failing Well’ with college students at Smith College. For many high achieving students, failure has never been allowed to be a part of their experiences. In an attempt to de-stigmatize failure and value it a a core part of learning, Rachel welcomes students to her program with a certificate of failure. Encouraging them to mess up in all areas of their lives, she models how to build the muscle necessary to foster resilience and endure struggle, something many of us are missing in today’s pressure for perfection. Rachel’s groundbreaking program is just what we are needing in the attempt to shift our thinking on failure.

Find out more about Rachel @: https://www.rachelsimmons.com

Sara Singer Schiff