Ep 89: Dan Freedman on Step-Parenting

Dan Freedman shares his journey of parenthood, first as a typical father of 2, then a single father of 3, and now as a father of a blended family of 5. His story is one fraught with layers of loss and struggle, as well as deep connection and love. After the tragic and unexpected loss of his first wife during the birth of their third child, Dan was faced with the challenging role of single parenthood. Then, years later he fell in love and married his current wife, who had 2 children of her own, and so began his new role of step-parent. Dan speaks with candor and humor about the challenges of step-parenting and how failure plays an inevitable role in this complex relationship.

Find out more about Dan @: http://baseballcraziness.com/author/dffreedman/

Sara Singer Schiff