Ep 83: Romona Robinson on Faith

Eight time Emmy Award Winning News Anchor Romona Robinson and author of the book A Dirt Road to Somewhere talks about her struggle to overcome multiple life obstacles, starting with surviving a childhood of extreme poverty, to picking the wrong kind of men, to her inability to get pregnant. As one of the first black women in television news, Romona has also dealt with extreme racism and sexism but religion has always been essential to her healing along with sheer perseverance and determination. While facing much of the heartache and pain on her own out of fear of looking like a failure, she now understands that asking for help is key. And after pushing through the challenges, she ultimately found love and support and was embraced by people all over. She's a strong believer in supporting other black women in journalism which has helped to pave the way for greater representation in her field. After being one of a handful of journalists chosen to meet Barack Obama, Romona knew she could overcome her background and be a source of inspiration for other.

Find out more about Romona at www.romonarobinson.com

Sara Singer Schiff