Ep 62: Samuel West on The Museum of Failure


Bored and tired of the worship and glorification of success, Sam West founded the Museum of Failure in Sweden last summer, to take away the stigma of failure and instead see it as an integral part of progress. The Museum of Failure has come to Downtown Los Angeles where the Other F Word team met with Sam to tour the exhibit and explore the collection of over 130 failed products and services from all over the world.  From a rental sex doll to Trump University, from Swedish Fish flavored Oreos to The Betamax, failure is highlighted and celebrated. With wit, humor, and intelligence, Sam articulates his views on failure and its role in learning, combating the norm of manufactured perfection and allowing for more freedom for authenticity.

You can find out more about the Museum of Failure at: www.failuremuseum.com

Sara Singer Schiff