Ep 82: Richard Rayner on Overcoming His Criminal Past to Becoming a Hollywood Success Story

Richard Rayner, author of “The Blue Suit” shares the tale of his complicated relationship with his father, who embezzled money, faked his own death and then disappeared when Richard was just 10 years old. After being gone for years, his father returned and after serving time, led an interesting life on the fringe. Despite their precarious connection, Richard found himself living with his father and emulating his behavior as a way to connect and survive. Richard’s take on his journey with his father, and the impact it’s had on his identity and relationship with his own children is filled with moments of intrigue and honesty. A fascinating story that will leave you pondering about how family relationship failures impact our lives in multiple ways.

Find out more about Richard at https://www.raynerwriter.com  

Sara Singer Schiff