Ep 63: Krista Parkinson on Failing to get Married


Successful Hollywood executive and one-time Mormon, Krista Parkinson talks about her struggle to find love. Krista grew up a strict Mormon but when she moved to Los Angeles and started working in the entertainment business, her two worlds came into conflict. The pressure from her religion to marry and have kids kept growing but Krista felt like an outsider in both worlds, finding that she didn’t quite fit into either. Her experience as “Other” has both been a source of sadness and isolation and yet has also let her to succeed in her current job helping other outsiders find work in Hollywood. Krista explains that as she has come to terms with who she is, she is clearer about what she wants in life. Don’t miss her honest, totally real and simultaneously funny story about the failure to find love.

Find out more about Krista and her work at: www.mygradsgetjobs.com

Sara Singer Schiff