Ep 61: Fr. Greg Boyle on Healing Homies


Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention rehab/re-entry program in the world, speaks about his work of rehabilitating and healing gang members. Through the 18 month intensive program, rival gang members and enemies are asked to work side by side in one of Homeboy Industry’s 9 social enterprises, such as their in-house cafe or bakery, where they learn that they are more similar than different. They also receive intensive therapy, 12 step support, tattoo removal, and the chance to transform their pain through work and relationships. Fr. Greg has created a therapeutic community where the focus on repairing attachment failures is primary. Upon completion of the program, the cycle of gang life has been broken, changing the course for the next generation. Fr. Greg lends his spiritual wisdom and belief in the possibility of healing a community rattled with hatred and distrust through the powerful idea of radical kinship. His second book has just been released -“Barking to the Choir-the Power of Radical Kinship”.

Find out more about Fr. Greg & Homeboy Industries at: www.homeboyindustries.org

Sara Singer Schiff