Ep 65: Dese’Rae L. Stage on Suicide


Dese’Rae is a photographer, writer, advocate and founder of LiveThroughThis.org, an on-line collection of portraits and stories of suicide attempt survivors.  At a time in society when suicide is on the rise, and yet, still very evocative and difficult to talk about and understand, Dese’Rae is working to take the shame and stigma out of the equation. Using photographs and personal narratives, Dese’Rae encourages people to openly explore society’s ultimate failure-surviving suicide, and the ongoing challenge to live and cope in a different way. Dese’Rae herself is a suicide attempt survivor, and shares her very personal story in hopes that it will open up a much needed dialogue about the subject of suicide, especially as it pertains to feeling like a failure.

Learn more about Dese’Rae and LiveThroughThis at www.livethroughthis.org

Sara Singer Schiff