Ep 59: David Raether on Becoming Homeless


Author and TEDTalk presenter David Raether, a former tv writer and father of 8, shares his rivetting story of becoming homeless. David had a thriving career as a comedy writer in tv, but took time off to care for his 8 children after his wife found herself struggling with depression. He stayed home for 2 years taking care of his family and when he tried to re-enter the world of comedy writing, he was unable to find work of any kind. After years of struggling, he spent his savings, foreclosed on his home, separated from his wife, and found himself homeless. He was able to secure housing for his children, but David secretly lived on the streets, alone, hiding the many failures he had endured. All the while, trying to find a way to care for his family while navigating his way out of homelessness. His narrative is filled with struggle, resilience, survival, awe and inspiration, both on a personal and familial level. David’s story is about a family persevering through a tremendous experience of failure, and coming to a true meaning of home.

You can contact David at: davidraether49@gmail.com

Sara Singer Schiff