Ep 69: David J. Flood on Inspiring our Youth

Kids today are under more stress then they’ve ever been- from intense academic expectations to round the clock social media pressures, and the impact is clear: child and teen suicide rates, depression and anxiety are all on the rise. And yet, as different as things are for teenagers today, they still just want to talk and connect. In this week’s episode, we sit down with David Flood, an inspirational youth speaker whose goal is to help guide kids through the difficulties of adolescence.    Teenagers tend to isolate in shame and embarrassment when they’re feeling like failures, the same way as adults, but because their brains are not fully developed, they struggle more with navigating these overwhelming emotions. David connects deeply with his youth audience by sharing his own vulnerabilities in a truly meaningful and unique way. He shows how facing and processing painful emotions is the key to coping and talks about creating a culture of kindness and empathy.   

Episode links: Top Youth Speakers  |   DavidJFlood.com 

Sara Singer Schiff