Ep 73: Cathy Schenkelberg on Scientology

Cathy Schenkelberg, actor and former Scientologist, shares her experience with the Church of Scientology in a gut wrenchingly honest and simultaneously humorous way in her one woman show Squeeze My Cans: Surviving Scientology.  Cathy’s story is a fascinating journey of a young woman looking for purpose and meaning, seduced by Scientology's promise for a better life. In over 2 decades of dedication to the group, Cathy progressed through the elaborate system, spending almost $1 million, trying to become a better Scientologist.  Using complex strategies of fear, control and isolation the Church forced Cathy to give up everything, except her daughter. But Cathy never found a better life, instead she lived in terror, isolated, on food stamps, and always watched and controlled by the powerful members of the organization. Despite the regret of losing time and feeling like a failure, Cathy found the strength through the love of her daughter, to disengage from Scientology and reconnect with the outside world. Her story is one of perseverance, strength and redemption.

Find out more about Cathy at www.squeezemycans.com   

Sara Singer Schiff