Ep 66: Cathy Heller on Pursuing Your Dream Career

Singer, songwriter and host of the podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job”, Cathy Heller, has mastered the ability to figure out what she wants to do, how to make it happen and - best of all - get paid for it.  Cathy’s relentless search for authenticity in her life combined with her incredible determination and perseverance, have led her to become an expert  on how to be successful at doing what you love most. In her interview, she explains how she was able to break down her own goals and ambitions and, through “reverse engineering”, figure out how to achieve those ambitions. She talks about how we are often our own worst enemies with self-doubt, negativity, fear and insecurity stopping us from achieving our goals. Her honesty and openness about her own personal challenges and insecurities make her advice truly touching and powerfully inspiring at the same time.

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Sara Singer Schiff