Ep 107: A.J. Jacobs on Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone

A.J. Jacobs is a New York Times best selling author, most recently of the book “Thanks a Thousand” a chronicled journey thanking everyone who was involved in the making of his morning cup of coffee. A.J. joins us to talks about his varied lifestyle experiments that have taken him outside of his comfort zone. Whether it be “living biblically” for one year, strictly following the rules of the Bible, or adopting the challenge of Radical Honesty for one month, where he told the truth or said whatever was on his mind, no matter the cost, AJ Jacobs is committed to illuminating experiences that involve a lot of failure. His honest, self deprecating style makes his storytelling engaging, while his often outrageous methods make his “humble quest” for learning outside his comfort zone quite inspirational.

Find out more about AJ @: www.ajjacobs.com

Sara Singer Schiff