Ep 105: Drea Guertiz on Finding Light in the Darkness

Drea Guertiz, journalist and author of “Eyes Without a Face” speaks about her journey from depression to hope and wholeness. Born in Colombia, she shares her family history of suicide and her own experience of struggling with deep depression. Hitting a rock bottom moment, she made a plan to end her life that felt like the best solution to her unending sense of hopelessness, despite having a loving husband and child. A series of powerful dreams, premonitions and symbolic signs spoke to her in such a compelling way that she decided not to take her life, instead using these forceful messages to open her eyes to the life she wanted to live and the gifts right in front of her. Her story is layered with clear illustrations about the failure to see or understand depression and the hope that comes when opportunity for connection and possibility presents itself in some powerful and mysterious ways.

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Sara Singer Schiff