Ep 104: Angela King On Life After Hate

Angela King is the program director of Life After Hate, a non-profit organization that helps people extricate themselves from hate groups and turn their lives around. Angela shares her deeply personal experience of being raised by extremely strict and racist parents, being bullied in junior high and eventually bullying others in an effort to survive. Angela found herself desperate to connect and belong, struggling with confusing feelings about sexuality and identity, but her deep fear and anger led her to act out and join hate groups as a white supremacist. Her hate and violence eventually hit a rock bottom which landed her in prison, where she was forced to face her past and deepest failures. In her remarkable story, she shares how her time in prison and the incredible connection to her fellow inmates, led her to shatter her way of thinking and ultimately find love with a black woman. Angela’s story is one of true inspiration where she was able to confront her racism and embrace the profound ability to change.

Find out more about Angela and Life After Hate @: www.lifeafterhate.org

Twitter: @HumRights4Peace

Facebook: @lifeafterhate

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Sara Singer Schiff