Loving this new podcast with three smart, generous hosts talking about-you could even say celebrating-a subject that often seems verboten: failure. It’s a great antidote to all those tiny Facebook posts. And it really makes you feel like you aren’t alone in your struggle, past or current.
— Los Angeles Chick
As someone in their 20’s, I’m really thankful to hear these conversations about failure. It’s something we all experience but it’s rarely talked about. Happy to have this podcast on my workout/driving rotation.
— kvpierce
What a relief to hear people treat failure like a normal conversation topic. Anyone who is breathing has failed at something and the lucky ones have found it to be a growth opportunity. This podcast removes the stigma and reminds us that failure is part of life and worth exploring because without it, there is no real success. The hosts are friendly, open engaging and funny.
— failing to find a nickname
I love this podcast and not just because the second episode featured the amazingly talented and funny actor Tony Hale from Arrested Development and Veep, who proved to be an insightful and caring person. This show is unique because it gets into the messy side of life without pushing any particular self-help solution—it features brilliant people who share the real stories of what they have had to endure. The show is super engaging because the three hosts each bring their unique perspective and act as a guide but also open up too. This show offers a refreshing authenticity that I can listen to continuously.
— Refugesea

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