About The Podcast

Stories of success are everywhere, hoping to inspire us. But they so often leave us feeling inadequate. In contrast, failure is commonplace. We fail at diets, marriages, jobs, parenting, and so much more. Yet from failure can come growth, insight, happiness and success, since it is through risk-taking and trial and error that we are able to innovate and grow.

Despite this, we rarely talk about failure since it has become synonymous with defeat. We seldom hear about the disappointments, and challenges people face on the road to success.

The Other F Word is on a mission to shift our culture's one-sided conversation to include failure. In weekly discussions, we talk to all walks of people who are unafraid to share their stories of struggle and vulnerability. Our goal is to create a change in our cultural by carving out a space for honest dialog that doesn’t just address failure, but normalizes it.




About the Team


Sara Singer Schiff

Host | Journalist

Sara is a mom of three and journalist who lives in Los Angeles. She has failed at many things from swim races to career goals but hopes to inspire others by being transparent about her life challenges and disappointments.

Melissa Brohner-Schneider

host | licensed therapist

Melissa is a mom, a wife, and a psychotherapist. She spends much of her personal and professional life exploring stories of struggle and strength and the messiness of being human. She hopes to share some of that insight here.

Bipasha Sham

Editor | Producer

Bipasha's career has spanned from film/video editing to radio producer. She is also the founder of a non-profit called GivePhotos. The other "F word" is something she's grappled with on and off throughout her life. 

Morgan Simpson

host | writer | filmmaker

Morgan is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He’s working on navigating this crazy world he lives in. Helping him on this journey are his wife and three kids who will tell you he never fails. www.morgansimpson.com